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Software Development

Equinox is the only company to employ both Evergreen and Koha core committers. Equinox developers have written in excess of 80% of Evergreen’s codebase and we continue to contribute more new features and bug fixes than anyone else. Our developers have been release managers for numerous releases of Koha and Evergreen.

We have the most experience and know-how, and that translates into more efficient software development — and that saves you money and time.

All Evergreen, Koha, and FulfILLment code we write is contributed back to the community, according to the terms of our pledge called The Equinox Promise. We are an open source company through and through.

Equinox’s Software Development Services

  • New feature development
  • Bug fixing
  • Compatibility development
  • 3rd party product integration
  • Compliance reports
  • Server setup and installation acceptance reports
  • and more!

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The beautiful thing about working for a smaller company like Equinox is you get to grow and change right alongside the company.

Director of Sales