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As a leader in library automation hosting and support, Equinox is leveraging its extensive technical knowledge and experience to offer Sequoia: a cloud-based library services platform.


What is Sequoia?

At its core, Sequoia is a library automation services platform for Evergreen, Koha, and FulfILLment. It provides the highest possible uptime, performance, and capabilities of any hosted library automation system. Period.

Sequoia is designed to provide zero downtime, guaranteed. Using redundant hardware and an advanced cloud configuration, Sequoia provides industry-leading uptime with which no one else can compete.

Sequoia is flexible. Entering a summer reading program in which your circulation doubles? Sequoia’s unique ability to add additional on-demand resources can meet even the most demanding peak loads. Are you a part of a growing consortium? Sequoia grows seamlessly to meet your needs.

Sequoia is about data security. If the unthinkable does happen, your data is constantly being backed up and archived, so data can be recovered from just minutes before the disaster. In addition, multiple copies of your data exists both on and off-site.

Sequoia is about experience, stability, and peace of mind. When you want the best system administrators and technical minds tending to your ILS, Sequoia is the solution. Leave your ibrary automation to Equinox while you focus on your library’s mission.

Half of Equinox staff members have their ML(I)S and were working librarians before they came to Equinox to make a difference. Not only do we understand the technical side of library automation, we also understand the human side. Your time is valuable and we know you would rather spend it helping your patrons and not fiddling with servers.

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