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Data Services

Equinox knows library data.

In our experience with library data we have learned that there is no such thing as usual, average, or normal. Data from every library is unique and comes with its own quirks. We handle challenging data projects ranging from conversion of non-MARC bibliographic data, to catalogs full of Level 3 records, to cryptic data from antique databases.

Equinox offers a wide variety of services to help with any data projects you may have.

  • Data Extraction
    • Data extraction services for many legacy ILSs — including the ones that don’t make it easy.
  • Data Conversion
    • Data migration from a variety of legacy ILS to Evergreen or Koha.
    • We’ve migrated bibliographic and holdings data, patrons (including their catalog lists), circulation data, acquisitions data, and serials data. If it’s worth keeping, we can migrate it.
  • Data Cleanup
    • Bibliographic data cleanup services performed by dedicated professionals fluent in MARC.
    • Patron data cleanup, including address updates.
    • Transactional data cleanup and migration, including non-standard formats.
    • Personalized bibliographic de-duplication, with high success rates. Depending on the catalog, we typically achieve a match rate of between 20% and 40%. Deduplications can be done as part of a migration project or afterwards, and we offer custom programming services to adjust the match and merge algorithms for your particular needs. Our experience working with consortia allows us to advise you on ways to make the catalog friendlier for your patrons’ use without having to deal with redundant catalog entries.
    • Large-scale post-migration projects, including pruning dead collections, performing data loads for authority cleanup projects, and creating complex reports.

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