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We’re Headed to The Windy City!

January 22nd, 2015 by

Equinox will be at ALA Midwinter this year, but this time, we’re doing things a little differently.  The ESI group attending just happens to be a group of librarians. (We have eight on staff.) As such, they’d like to actually participate in some of the great offerings at ALA Midwinter.  So you won’t find them tied to a booth.  But you will find them walking around and taking in a class or two.

Our Vice President, Grace Dunbar, will be taking a day-long Python class on Friday, January 30.  This class is hosted by LITA.  “Thanks to some personal revelations I had when blogging for the Ada Initiative, I realized I really wanted to push myself and take a programming class.  My normal work/life makes it challenging time-wise, so I was excited to be able to fit this LITA programming class at ALA Midwinter into my schedule.”

Galen Charlton, Infrastructure and Added Services Manager, will also be busy with LITA events while in Chicago.  He will be attending the LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group meeting.  In the fall, he spearheaded the creation of the LITA Patron Privacy Technologies Interest Group.  He’ll be attending the inaugural meeting on January 31.  He views this new interest group as a way to “help libraries improve their tools and practices for protecting patron reading data and history by activities such as educational blog posts and webinars, testing of software for security issues, and helping to develop standards and best practices.”

Shae Tetterton, Equinox Director of Sales, will be meeting with people interested in open source technologies for their libraries.  Would you like to schedule a meeting?  Let us know!  Contact us at today.

The theme for this year’s conference is “The Conversations Starts Here …”  We’d love to have a conversation with you and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone in Chicago!


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