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Updates in Evergreen 1.4

July 16th, 2008 by

Over on the Evergreen project blog you can find a preview of what’s coming out in version 1.4.

I happen to be a particularly big fan of “pre-overdue notices” — the notices that tell me my books will soon be due. They don’t actually change my behavior; I read the notices, I think I am going to click on the link to renew the books, and then I forget to do it… then the overdue notice arrives, and I think, “Oh… right.” But I feel so much better about the library for sending them — and I know that a lot of people can and do respond to pre-overdues. They save libraries time and money, to start with, because every overdue brings its own overhead.

There’s lots more happening with 1.4, of course, but when it’s “your” feature, it makes it feel like they baked a cake Just For You.

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2 responses to “Updates in Evergreen 1.4”

  1. Dan Scott says:

    On the topic of pre-overdue (aka reminder) notices – I’m going to push to have our policies changed so that the reminder notice (for items that don’t have holds or recalls) becomes an automatic renewal with a courtesy notice along the lines of “We noticed that your item was going to be overdue in two days, so to avoid incurring fines we have renewed your item for you. Your new due date is YYYY-MM-DD and you have X renewals left. If you’re done with the item, please return it to the library for someone else to enjoy.”

    That seems like an even lower-hassle way of dealing with the issue for all involved, and something that our users would appreciate. I think…

  2. That’s an interesting idea, and ties in nicely with a positive service model (and also with the idea that these aren’t “overdue” notices, but “reminders”). The language you’re proposing feels clear but friendly — like the library and the user are a team.

At Equinox, unlike other administrative roles I’ve had, I get to work directly with libraries to help them solve their problems.

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