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Library conferences and a feast of fests

August 28th, 2007 by

There’s something about meeting folks face to face that the great catalyst known as the Internet hasn’t quite yet managed to capture. We had much fun at the last ALA, Code4Lib, and WiLSWorld conferences. And though our cozy little AcqFest wasn’t a conference, it was much the same in terms of sharing ideas and making friends. We’re looking forward to ACCESS (and HackFest!), and seeing the BC Pines/Evergreen presentation by British Columbia. We’ve also been invited to the Symposium on the Future of Integrated Library Systems (presented by the Lincoln Trail Libraries System), along with GPLS to talk about PINES and Evergreen.

Library automation is about more than just the software, and when we go to these events in person, it’s not just to talk about Evergreen (though there is a bit of that!) and open-source (and a bit of that too!), but instead it is to actually meet people and share knowledge, and to hopefully come out of the experience as better and more well-informed individuals and community members.

We look forward to meeting you!

— Jason

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