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Happy Beginnings

January 9th, 2007 by

Things take time to happen, but the story is quickly told.

Once upon a time, libraries worked without computers. Names were signed, dates were stamped, and items were cataloged on index cards. And then came computers, and automation systems sprang up all over the place. Some were good, some were bad, some languished, and others evolved. In the library world, home grown software acquired a bad name, yet it was the best of this software that proliferated under the care of proprietary companies.

Now, after most of this came to pass, something else happened, not in the automated library industry, but in the computer industry itself. Computers were becoming cheap, and networks like the Internet were bringing them together. Programmers were able to share and build libraries of software, with which they were able to build even larger and more advanced pieces of software. Much like the early automated library systems, the best of this software proliferated.

This phenomenon became a movement, and people referred to the software as being free, libre, and open source. Copyright got turned on its head and the software was freely licensed in such a way that encouraged not only use and distribution, but derivative improvements that were likewise shared.

Open source excels at infrastructure and commodity software; most of the Internet is powered by such software. After two years of design and utilizing high-quality open source components, Evergreen was released, and now one of the largest (if not the largest) library consortia in the world is powered by open source software.

We are the creators of Evergreen, but it is not our property. It is free, and its development is collectively guided by its users. Equinox Software, however, can be your guide to Evergreen. Please allow us to show you the flexibility and freedom that can be yours with open source software!

Jason Etheridge
Vice President of Community Support and Advocacy

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It has been truly inspiring seeing libraries around the world unite in strengthening Koha and Evergreen.

Infrastructure and Added Services Manager

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