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FulfILLment Testing Pilot Project

September 26th, 2012 by

The Pacific Library Partnership, consisting of three libraries in California, has contracted with Equinox Software, Inc. to test FulfILLment.  The partnership consists of Los Gatos Public Library, Peninsula Library System (the city of San Mateo only), and Santa Cruz Public Library.  These libraries currently use Koha, Millennium, and Evergreen as their ILS.  Lori Bowen Ayre, The Galecia Group, is serving as a consultant on this project as part of the Open Source – Open Libraries project.  The partners will be testing FulfILLment to see if it can meet their requirements for managing physical item resource sharing between independent library systems.  FulfILLment was developed by Equinox developers with funding from OHIONET and other development partners including:  the State Libraries of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, South Carolina, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and WiLS.  It is anticipated that FulfILLment version 1.0-RC1 will be available in the spring/summer of 2013.

FulfILLment is generally described as an open source ILL software, but it is so much more.  It is an open source, regional resource-sharing system between disparate ILS.  It was designed to bridge otherwise incompatible software products so that different libraries can continue to use their current ILS while obtaining many benefits enjoyed by libraries using Evergreen in resource-sharing consortia.  The development of LAIs (Local Automation Integrator) in FulfILLment makes this possible by allowing the participating libraries to obtain bibliographic and other relevant information from each library’s current automation system and making this information accessible over the internet.  FulfILLment is also scalable.  If necessary, new custom LAIs can be developed in future versions of FulfILLment to allow even more libraries to join and enjoy all that FulfILLment has to offer.

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2 responses to “FulfILLment Testing Pilot Project”

  1. Sounds pretty neat. With the trend toward development of vendor-provided fully hosted ILSs (Ex Libris Alma, OCLC WMS, Serial Solutions Intota), I wonder if developers are exploring feasibility of linking into those (or getting customers to pressure vendors to _make_ it feasible!).

  2. Nate Curulla says:

    Great work guys and gals! We are looking forward to the release of FullfILLment!

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