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Development of Calculated Proximity Adjustment in Evergreen

December 4th, 2012 by

Bibliomation, HSLC, MassLNC, and Sage Library System of Eastern Oregon have teamed up to sponsor the development of Calculated Proximity Adjustment in Evergreen Open Source ILS.  The development will consist of encoding policy-level information regarding lending priority for use with hold targeting.  In English, this means libraries will be able to specify a ‘lender of first resort’ for a particular library branch or system when there is an agreement between two Evergreen-participating organizations.  This functionality already exists in FulfILLment, an open source inter-library lending software, and now it will be side-ported to Evergreen.  Equinox Software will be leading this development project.  For more information about Calculated Proximity Adjustment, read the blog post submitted by Mike Rylander of Equinox Software titled Sharing (code) is caring on Equinox’s blog on April 16, 2012.  It is anticipated the coding for this project will be completed by the end of December and submitted to launchpad for review and approval.  Once the code has been reviewed and approved, it will be eligible for inclusion in the next major release of Evergreen.  Thank you to Bibliomation, HSLC, MassLNC and Sage Library System of Eastern Oregon for sponsoring this development.

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