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2.8 Duplicate Purchase Order Name Warning Dialog

When creating a purchase order or editing an existing purchase order, the purchase order name must be unique for the ordering agency.  Evergreen will display a warning dialog to users, if they attempt to create or edit purchase order names that match the names of already existing purchase orders at the same ordering agency. The […]

2.8 Display a Count of Existing Copies on Selection List and Purchase Order Lineitems

When displaying Acquisitions lineitems within the Selection List and Purchase Order interfaces, Evergreen displays a count of existing catalog copies on the lineitem. The count of existing catalog copies refers to the number of copies owned at the ordering agency and / or the ordering agency’s child organization units. The counts display for lineitems that […]

2.8 Negative Balances on Patron Accounts

Negative balances are sometimes automatically applied to patron accounts due to certain circulation workflows and settings.  For example: 1. A patron loses an item and pays the lost fees in full. 2. The item is later found and returned to the library. 3. Evergreen is set up to void lost fines and reinstate overdue fines […]

2.8 Patron Message Center

The Patron Message Center provides a way for libraries to communicate with patrons through messages that can be accessed through the patron’s OPAC account.  Library staff can create messages manually by adding an OPAC visible Patron Note to an account.  Messages can also be automatically generated through an Action Trigger event.  Patrons can access and […]