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2.7 Enhancements to Canceled and Delayed Items

1. Cancel/Delay reasons have been modified so that you can easily differentiate between canceled and delayed items in Purchase Orders. Each label now begins with Canceled or Delayed. To view the list, click Admin -> Server Administration -> Acquisitions -> Cancel Reasons. 2. The cancel/delay reason label is displayed as the line item status in the […]

2.7 Enhancements to Reports

Local Documentation URL You can add a link to local documentation that can help staff create a report template. To add documentation to a report template, click Admin > Local Administration > Reports, and create a new report template. A new field, Documentation URL, appears in the Template Configuration panel. Enter a URL that points to […]

2.7 TPAC Copy Edit Links

The bibliographic record detail page displays library holdings, including the call number, shelving location, and copy barcode. Within the staff client, the holdings list now displays a new column next to the copy barcode(s). This new column contains two links, view and edit.     Clicking on the view link opens the Item Status screen for […]