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2.6 New MARC Record Attribute Definitions

Summary The development of the Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attributes accommodates more complicated and nested forms of structure to Record Attribute Definitions that capture all occurrences of multi-valued elements in a bibliographic record. Building upon the Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attribute development, this feature now includes three new MARC Record Attribute […]

2.6 Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attributes

Summary Evergreen’s MARC Record Attribute Definitions support the ingesting, indexing, searching, filtering, and delivering of bibliographic record attributes. The original design of the Record Attributes feature was restricted to capturing only single-valued elements of a bibliographic record. However, with the increased acquisition of mixed-media items in recent years, the extensiveness to which bibliographic records benefit […]

2.6 TPAC Metarecord Search and Metarecord Level Holds

Summary Metarecords are compilations of individual bibliographic records that represent the same work. This compilation allows for several records to be represented on a single line on the TPAC search results page, which can help to reduce result duplications. Users now have the ability to conduct TPAC metarecord searches and place metarecord level holds. The […]

2.6 MARC Fixed Field Editor Right-Click Context Menu Options

Summary The MARC Fixed Field Editor now provides suggested values for select fixed fields based on the record type being edited. Prior to this enhancement, catalogers would need to either already know the possible values or consult a reference on hand. Now, users can right-click on the value control for a fixed field and choose […]

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