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2.5 Default Values for Vandelay Item Import

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5. Evergreen now supports additional functionality for importing items throughCataloging → MARC Batch Import/Export. When items are imported via aHoldings Import Profile in Cataloging → MARC Batch Import/Export, Evergreen will create an item-level record for each copy. If an item barcode, call number, copy location, or circulation modifier […]

2.5 Patron Self-Registration

This feature will be available in Evergreen version 2.5. Abstract Patron Self-Registration allows patrons to initiate registration for a library account through the OPAC. Patrons can fill out a web-based form with basic information that will be stored as a “pending patron” in Evergreen. Library staff can review pending patrons in the staff-client and use […]

2.5 Alternate Hold Pick Up Location

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5 Abstract This feature enables libraries to configure an alternate hold pick up location. The alternate pick up location will appear in the staff client to inform library staff that a patron has a hold waiting at that location. In the stock Evergreen code, the default alternate location […]

2.5 Catalog Browse

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5. Abstract Catalog Browse enables you to browse bibliographic headings available in your catalog. You can click the hyperlinked bibliographic headings to retrieve catalog records that contain these headings. Also, if a given bibliographic heading is linked to an authority record, and if that authority is linked to […]

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