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2.5 Enhancements to Items Out

By default, the Items Out interface in the patron’s account is divided into two sections beneath the patron information: Items Out and Other/Special Circulations. In previous versions of Evergreen, all circulations appeared in the Items Out portion of the interface except for those marked LOST, LONGOVERDUE, or CLAIMSRETURNED, which appeared in the Other/Special Circulations portion […]

2.5 Lost and Long Overdue Bill Colors

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5. This stylization enhancement distinguishes Lost and Long Overdue circulations that appear within the billed transactions of a patron’s account from other items that are still checked out. Within the patron’s list of billed transactions, Lost or Long Overdue items, which have not yet been returned, display differently […]

2.5 Sorting Money Columns in Billing Interface

This enhancment is available in Evergreen versions 2.3 -2.5. This enhancement enables Evergreen to sort money columns numerically in the billing interface. You can perform an ascending or descending sort on these columns. To view and sort patron bills, retrieve the patron’s account, and click the Bills tab in the top right corner of the […]

2.5 Long Overdue Penalty

This feature will be available in Evergreen version 2.5. Abstract Libraries can now configure a penalty for unpaid, long overdue items in Evergreen. When a patron exceeds the allowed number of long overdue items, a penalty will be applied to his or her account. The threshold for the long overdue penalty is configurable by user […]

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