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2.4 Storing Z39.50 Server Credentials

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.4. Staff have the option to apply Z39.50 login credentials to each Z39.50 server at different levels of the organizational unit hierarchy. Credentials can be set at the library branch or system level, or for an entire consortium. When credentials are set for a Z39.50 server, searches of […]

2.4 Bibliographic Search Enhancements

These features are available in Evergreen version 2.4. Enhancements to the bibliographic search function enable you to search for records that were created, edited, or deleted within a date range. You can use the catalog interface or the record feed to search for records with specific date ranges. Note that all dates should be formatted […]

2.4 Binary MARC21 Feeds

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.4. Evergreen’s OpenSearch service can return search results in many formats, including HTML, MARCXML, and MODS. In version 2.4, it can also return results in binary MARC21 format. When making an HTTP request to an Evergreen system using the OpenSearch API, you must include the term “marc21″ in […]

2.4 Org Unit Hiding in TPAC

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.4. Summary This feature enables you to hide specific org units from patron view in the OPAC. Org units that have not inherited this setting will display in patron-facing dropdowns. To enable Org Unit Hiding in TPAC: 1) Click Admin → Local Administration → Library Settings Editor → […]

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