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Statistical Popularity Badges

Statistical Popularity Badges allow libraries to set popularity parameters that define popularity badges, which bibliographic records can earn if they meet the set criteria. ¬†Popularity badges can be based on factors such as circulation and hold activity, bibliographic record age, or material type. ¬†The popularity badges that a record earns are used to adjust catalog […]

Copy Alerts

The Copy Alerts feature allows library staff to add customized alert messages to copies. The copy alerts will appear when a specific event takes place, such as when the copy is checked in, checked out, or renewed. Alerts can be temporary or persistent: temporary alerts will be disabled after the initial alert and acknowledgement from […]

2.5 Enhancements to Items Out

By default, the Items Out interface in the patron’s account is divided into two sections beneath the patron information: Items Out and Other/Special Circulations. In previous versions of Evergreen, all circulations appeared in the Items Out portion of the interface except for those marked LOST, LONGOVERDUE, or CLAIMSRETURNED, which appeared in the Other/Special Circulations portion […]

2.8 Duplicate Purchase Order Name Warning Dialog

When creating a purchase order or editing an existing purchase order, the purchase order name must be unique for the ordering agency. ¬†Evergreen will display a warning dialog to users, if they attempt to create or edit purchase order names that match the names of already existing purchase orders at the same ordering agency. The […]

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