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Bragging on Equinox Support

April 25th, 2013 by

At Equinox, Technical Support for Koha and Evergreen is a core service. Providing quality support services is vitally important for our customers; it has an immense impact on their experience with the software, and further, affects how they perform their jobs and serve their patrons/students/customers.

Providing the highest quality support services is also vitally important for Equinox. Technical Support is our largest division. Even if an Equinox employee does not work directly in Support, they certainly play a role in supporting our support folks — from trainers to developers to sysadmins. Equinox Support is able to pull in whatever company resources they require to get the job done for the customer. It’s a company priority.

Equinox management constantly monitors Support’s performance via a customer satisfaction survey that is issued when a ticket is resolved. One of the survey ratings is an overall grade for how Equinox handled the incident. There are five grades to choose from: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, and Very Poor. We have received over one hundred responses to the satisfaction survey so far this year, and without exception, every customer rated their experience as Excellent.

We have worked tirelessly to improve our support procedures and have the absolute best, most knowledgeable experts on staff. We’re awfully proud of our Support team. Congratulations, and keep it up!

If you’re a library looking for a support company for your ILS, give us a call.

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2 responses to “Bragging on Equinox Support”

  1. Pamela Smith says:

    I can personally vouch for the excellent tech support at Equinox. We’ve been hosted and supported by Equinox for three years and have had nothing but excellent and prompt service. The tech support staff is professional and unfailingly patient. I particularly appreciate that they take the time to give a thorough explanation of what went wrong or what wasn’t working properly.

    One more thing, it’s been refreshing that not one Equinox tech support person has ever asked me if I checked the manual or asked the question on the users’ list before opening a call. This happened regularly with our previous ILS vendor, to whom we paid a huge amount of money for support.

    Pamela Smith
    Systems Librarian
    Howe Library
    Hanover, NH

    • Grace Dunbar says:

      Thank for the kind words, Pam! We truly love answering your questions and helping you with your challenges. It’s easy to give great support to our customers when they’re all wonderful people like you.

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