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Bibliomation has planted a seed – look at what’s growing in Evergreen now!

May 10th, 2012 by

Bibliomation, Inc., Connecticut’s largest library consortium, is sponsoring the integration of Syndetic Solutions by Bowker with Template Toolkit OPAC (TPAC) in EvergreenEquinox developers will be writing the code for this project.  TPAC will be able to support cover images, reviews, summaries, table of contents, excerpts, and author notes from Syndetic Solutions.  Once the code is written, it will be  submitted on launchpad, where another developer will need to review and approve it.  Once the code is signed off on by another developer, then it can be submitted for inclusion in the next major release of Evergreen.  For more information, contact Amy Terlaga at Bibliomation / or Suzannah Lipscomb at Equinox /




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