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Active Integrated Maintenance

Equinox’s revolutionary Sequoia Platform is changing how the ILS and other core library
software services are delivered and maintained with its embedded Active Integrated
Maintenance. Now we are extending these services to our self-hosted customers through
AIM Prime.

With Equinox’s AIM Prime Subscription Service, the subscriber plays an active role in the
ongoing improvement of the their ILS, ILL, and other supporting software. And remember,
Open is never just a buzzword for us; it’s at the core of everything we do. Improvements
produced through our AIM Prime Subscription Service are always released to the community
without delay.

With AIM Prime you receive targeted and timely bug fixes for your open source library
software. Driven by your specific needs, Equinox repairs software defects, performs quality
assurance tasks, and delivers regular software updates.



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At Equinox, unlike other administrative roles I’ve had, I get to work directly with libraries to help them solve their problems.

Vice President