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Why Equinox

Equinox provides open source solutions to libraries around the world. We are a group of passionate professionals, fully dedicated to supporting the vital role that libraries play in our society. We believe in the open source philosophy, promoting thriving communities, and delivering stellar service to our customers.

We provide hosting, support, training, development, and other services for Evergreen, Koha, and FulfILLment. We are Equinox, and we’d like to be awesome for you.

The beautiful thing about working for a smaller company like Equinox is you get to grow and change right alongside the company.

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Putting the Cat into the Catalog for #libs4ada

The #libs4ada fundraising campaign for the Ada Initiative was a smashing success. Including matching funds provided by Bess Sadler, Andromeda Yelton...

Development contributions for Evergreen 2.7

Well, it’s time for another Evergreen release, delivered this time by ace release manager Ben Shum, which means it’s time for vociferous t...

2.5 Lost and Long Overdue Bill Colors

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5. This stylization enhancement distinguishes Lost and Long Overdue circulations that appear within t...

2.5 Sorting Money Columns in Billing Interface

This enhancment is available in Evergreen versions 2.3 -2.5. This enhancement enables Evergreen to sort money columns numerically in the billing inter...

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