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Equinox provides open source solutions to libraries around the world. We are a group of passionate professionals, fully dedicated to supporting the vital role that libraries play in our society. We believe in the open source philosophy, promoting thriving communities, and delivering stellar service to our customers.

We provide hosting, support, training, development, and other services for Evergreen, Koha, and FulfILLment. We are Equinox, and we’d like to be awesome for you.

Support isn’t a cost center for us that we’ll sacrifice for other interests; it’s our bottom line.

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Notes from day 2 of the 2015 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

My quest to drink all of NOBLE’s coffee may be at an impasse… it just. keeps. coming. Fortunately, the Evergreen Hack-A-Way is not actual...

Notes from day 1 of the 2015 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

I have two things to say to the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE).  First, thanks for hosting the 2015 Evergreen Hack-A-Way, the annual in-per...

New Partnership Between Equinox and TALKINGTECH

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Duluth, GA–October 29, 2015 Equinox is pleased to announce a new working partnership with TALKINGTECH, the leader in libra...

Brown Library Joins NC Cardinal

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Duluth, GA–July 14, 2015 Equinox is pleased to announce that yet another library has gone live on Evergreen through the No...

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